Santa Monica, CA

Our Mission

Tolkin Architects and Earth-Eco Systems were established in 1972  and 1978 respectively and are dedicated to serving a wide range of sustainable design disciplines: architecture, urban planning, environmental design and interiors. Finding appropriate energy efficient solutions for clients needs requires a process of exploration that integrates these disciplines.

When appropriate, the firm utilizes a system concepts approach to address design challenges:

Problem definition

User Needs identification

Performance specification development

Synthesis of alternative solutions

Analysis of solutions

Selection of the optimal solution

Design and development of solution

Implementation of solution

Evaluation of implemented solution

Recording and reporting of results

Informing the subsequent cycle

Clients benefit from a design process that is informed by past experience respecting all aspects of the product whether that product is architecture, an urban plan, or something other and from spatial relationships to material selection.

A concept emerging from this process results in a practical aesthetic product. This involvement doesn’t end with the designs implementation. The firm, in its contract documents and on site, represents the owner and is available to aid the contractor/fabricator during the construction/fabrication phase.