Santa Monica, CA

Earth-Eco Systems

Earth-Eco Systems was founded in 1979 by S. M. Tolkin to address the problems and potential of an energy efficient architecture in a world of diminishing resources and the growing proliferation of environmental disruptions.

The resolution of architectural and environmental needs into an environmentally sensitive form differs in essence from the resolution of purely architectural constraints into form. These differences mirror the problems faced by those concerned with global environmental problems and are equally relevant. In part, these concerns can be addressed by the:

•    Conservation of energy consumption through the use of passive solar resources for light and heat
•    Selection of materials suitable from both a functional and aesthetic viewpoint, and that by their nature and fabrication, uphold the goals of conservation through simplicity of fabrication and respect for environmental quality.

Earth-Eco Systems and S. M. Tolkin endeavor to synthesize the purely architectural and the genuinely environmental into an architectural form that is user friendly and has ecological integrity.

Earth-Eco Systems and S. M. Tolkin took out the first permit for generating power from wind generators in Los Angeles County.

Earth-Eco Systems and S. M Tolkin produced an edition of furniture pieces that made use of discarded military hardware components - the Swords to Plowshares series.